Welcome to
Red Hound Farms

We offer you a chance to step into local history with a real working farm and enjoyable activities.

Welcome to
Red Hound Farms

We offer you a chance to step into local history with a real working farm and enjoyable activities.

Farm Animals

Enjoy spending time with the farm animals on our real working farm!

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Red Hound Farms

About Us

Seeing the beautiful sights in the Clemmons, North Carolina area is made possible in many different ways. Some people like to visit more metropolitan areas, not realizing that just a short drive away are acres and acres of an authentic pastoral experience. Here at Red Hound Farms, we have 160 acres of pristine farmland that we open up to the public every year for many different activities, including petting zoos, wagon rides, cornhole, tractor pull events, corn mazes, a pumpkin patch, and a wonderful store that is open to the community. If you have been thinking of finding a picturesque place to spend your time, our farm experience is ready for you.

Why Choose
Red Hound Farms?

The owners of our farm, Greg and Keri, had always dreamed of owning a large farm and sharing the farm experience with the community. With cherished memories of farm life and the 4H club, Red Hound Farms was established. The farm boasts plenty of room for the animals that the owners and community alike love and enjoy. What began as five cows is now 100. What started off as one horse is now five. There are six dogs, two barn cats, two goats, two alpacas, and countless chickens, geese, and turkeys- oh my! They couple their love of animals with their love of service to their community. When they are not on the farm, they can be found running a search-and-rescue operation with their dogs.


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Our History

At Red Hound Farms, we offer you a chance to step into local history with a real working farm and enjoyable activities. Our farm is named for Wilburn “Red” Eugene Fishel, who was born on May 25, 1929 on a 25-acre farm near West Clemmonsville Rd in Forsyth County. He was the youngest of three children and started contributing to the family as a young boy by raising rabbits to sell and by hauling cattle. His father, Clarence Fishel, even picked him up from school every Tuesday after lunch to go to work at the Greensboro Livestock Market.

Clarence leased some land in Davidson County, and when Wilburn was eighteen, that land became available for purchase. Wilburn bought his first tract of land, around 32 acres, from the estate of Hallie Joisebell Hege Fishel on June 15, 1949 for $650. This land would be the main bottom of Wilburn’s farm. Later, Clarence would often visit this property for a few moments of peaceful retreat into nature. Over the years, more acres and tracts of land were purchased until the farm became the 160 acre farm that it remains to this day. When the farm was growing, it took a large community of loved ones to help keep the farm running successfully. It is this love of farming and the community that is still present on our farm today in Clemmons, North Carolina.

In the present day, our farm bears the name of the man who founded it over 70 years ago, and is now home to geese, ducks, cows, dogs, and a host of other animals. We continue to love to share our farm with the community and offer a host of different activities from feeding the animals to getting lost in our yearly corn maze. We would love to show you the diversity of plants and animals that our farm has and encourage you to contact us today for family-friendly fun.

Farm Tour

Fun and informative, our farm tours give you a glimpse into the life of modern-day farmers.

Tractor Pull

See our farm in a unique and wholesome way that the whole family will enjoy with a tractor pull.

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