Tips for Making Delicious Grass-Fed Angus Beef Burgers

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If you ask ten people about how to make a great burger, you will probably get ten different answers. We’re not talking about the toppings as everyone has their own idea about what condiments to use to finish off the perfect burger. We’re talking about the basics, including the meat to choose and how to cook it.

Tips for Making Delicious Grass-Fed Angus Beef Burgers

The first tip is to obtain high-quality grass-fed angus beef. Ideally, you want to purchase it from a local farmer, as it will be at its absolute freshest condition and will have been raised humanely. When you know the source of your angus beef, you will be able to cook to medium rare or even rare without concern and leave in all those delicious juices!

The next tip is to decide which seasonings to use for your grass-fed angus beef burgers. There are plenty of spice blends out there on the market, or you can go with whatever flavors you like. Minimalists swear by just salt and pepper but feel free to experiment to see what you like. If you want the meat flavor to shine through, don’t overdo the amount of spice.

The last tip is to research the many ways you can actually cook a grass-fed angus beef burger. There are so many options that you’ll have fun giving each a try. Smashed in a fry pan (cast-iron is great!), grilled over charcoal or wood, smoked in a wood or pellet smoker, or even sous vide (if you haven’t tried this last one, you really should!) will all provide a different end result.

If you want to get started experimenting with creating the ultimate grass-fed angus beef burger, start by getting your ground angus from us at Red Hound Farms. We are confident you’ll love the flavor of our angus and the knowledge that your ground meat is coming from a great local provider in Clemmons, North Carolina. Nothing compares to grass-fed angus beef.