The Benefits of Locally Raised Angus Beef

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It might surprise you how much can be gained by obtaining your food from local sources. When it comes to angus beef, for example, there can be a huge difference between what you’ll get from a local farm and what comes from across the country or even across the world. Even some high-end, ship-to-your-door providers of angus beef often get their products shipped in from overseas, so the only way to be sure of the freshness and quality is to shop locally.

The Benefits of Locally Raised Angus Beef

It might seem confusing that it would matter if it came from far away since all beef is best aged. However, there is a huge difference between being hung to age and being bounced around in containers. Aged angus beef is delicious, but beef that has been traveling the world in containers is decidedly less appealing. During transportation, key nutrients can be lost, so you’ll have a much healthier steak or other cut of angus beef if you obtain yours from a local farm.

Another thing to consider is that locally raised angus beef is usually raised very humanely and has the benefit of being grass-fed. Any meat tastes better when the animal has a healthy, varied diet instead of just a grain that remains the same. You can also feel good about buying angus beef locally because you are supporting your community’s economic success. Choosing a farm that offers tours gives you knowledge about how the animal was raised, so you can confidently feed the angus beef to your family.

At Red House Farms, we offer various activities at our Clemmons, North Carolina farm, including tours, and we offer angus beef for sale to families in the area. With more than 160 acres on our farm, there is plenty of room for our animals and for sharing experiences with our community. Give our grass-fed angus beef a try and we’re confident you will never go back to any other source.