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Our grass-fed Angus beef cows are carefully and humanely raised.

Beef cattle are a source of powerful protein for many of the people in the country. Many people both enjoy and utilize beef as a staple in their everyday diet, including people right here in the Clemmons, North Carolina area. If you have been looking for local, grass-fed beef for the highest in quality and nutrition, then we have some beautiful grass-fed Angus beef right here at Red Hound Farms.

Grass-Fed Angus Beef in Clemmons, North Carolina

When you enjoy grass-fed angus beef from our farms, then you can feel comfortable knowing that our Angus beef cows are grass-fed, humanely raised and carefully cared for by our farmers. Raised on nutrient-rich grass, grass-fed Angus beef not only taste better, but are actually better for you. Grass-fed Angus beef is lower in saturated fat, has higher levels of certain vitamins and minerals, and offers a much richer and more enjoyable taste, leading you to eat less to feel full.

Grass is what cows were meant to eat, and it is easier on their multiple stomachs. Not only is the grass-fed option healthier for cattle, but it causes their beef to be healthier for human consumption. Our meat is USDA inspected and approved, then dry aged for the ultimate flavor and tenderness. Once it’s ready, it is packed to ensure the highest quality and then sold right here in the store on our farm.

If you are looking for a high quality beef option from a local farm, then our grass-fed Angus beef is the right choice for you. We would love to tell you more about our cattle, the grasses we feed them, or answer any other questions that you might have. For more information, please give us a call today.