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You will get only the highest-quality angus beef from our farm.

Beef is a great form of protein, and making quality angus beef a part of your balanced diet provides many nutritional advantages. Here in the Clemmons, North Carolina area, we at Red Hound Farms are able to provide you with fresh, quality angus beef that you can take straight from our farm to your own table.

Angus Beef in Clemmons, North Carolina

Our angus beef cattle are grass-fed rather than fed with grain because we understand the importance of giving our cattle proper nutrition from the beginning. Grass-fed beef has more nutrients available, including higher amounts of zinc, iron, vitamin B12, and others. Lower in fat than grain-fed beef, grass-fed angus beef also contains fewer calories without sacrificing a quality beef flavor.

Not only will you find different nutritional information for grass-fed angus beef, but you will also find that our angus beef is some of the highest-quality beef in the area. Our meat is USDA inspected before being dry-aged for the ultimate in flavor and tenderness. Every step of the process from the diet of our cattle to the inspection and packaging of beef is done with the utmost care and consideration.

If you have been looking for quality beef that you can feel good about eating, we urge you to visit our farm today. We sell both stew meat and ground meat at our store that is conveniently located right on the farm. We would love to tell you more about our angus beef, and encourage you to visit us today.


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