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If you’re feeling up to the challenge, be sure to explore our corn maze this fall.

When the weather starts to cool down in the Advance, North Carolina area, this means fall is on the horizon. There are many activities that people enjoy participating in during this time of year, including picking and carving pumpkins, enjoying time spent around a cozy fire, and sipping fall-inspired hot beverages. Another activity that screams fall is exploring a corn maze, which you can do if you visit us at Red Hound Farms. Our corn maze is perfect for all ages and offers plenty of old-fashioned fun for the whole family.

Corn Maze in Clemmons, North Carolina

This is a working farm with a range of fun and family-friendly activities. During a visit to our location, you can feed and interact with various types of farm animals, participate in farm chores, and take a tour to see all the different workings of our operational farm. We also have a corn maze during the autumn season that is challenging enough to be interesting, but includes clues and hints to help you get out. When you visit our corn maze, we recommend you bring a jacket and wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes. Our farm workers are happy to provide direction or assistance if you’re struggling to find your way out of the maze.

If you’re feeling up to the challenge, be sure to explore our corn maze this fall. During your visit, you can also check out the pumpkin patch. Contact us today if you have any questions about the corn maze or any of the other activities we offer to guests.

Corn Maze in Clemmons, NC