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Rooted in history, our farm has continued to grow over the years.

The owners of our farm, Greg and Keri, had always dreamed of owning a large farm and sharing the farm experience with the community. With cherished memories of farm life and the 4H club, Red Hound Farms was established. The farm boasts plenty of room for the animals that the owners and community alike love and enjoy. What began as five cows is now 100. What started off as one horse is now five. There are six dogs, two barn cats, two goats, two alpacas, and countless chickens, geese, and turkeys- oh my! They couple their love of animals with their love of service to their community. When they are not on the farm, they can be found running a search-and-rescue operation with their dogs.

About Red Hound Farms in Clemmons, North Carolina